P.O. Box 59 OKC 73101
P.O. Box 59 OKC 73101

Warranty Contract


Purchasing The DUI Warranty entitles the Purchaser to a qualified DUI attorney to represent them at the relevant proceedings subject to the following limitations.

Coverage extends to any arrest within the Oklahoma City metro area.  Specifically, any arrest within the geographic limits and jurisdiction of Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, or Canadian County.

Coverage is limited to the time frame as selected by Purchaser.  The Basic Plan offers coverage for 24 hours from the time of purchase.

The DUI Warranty is not a guarantee of any particular result in your court proceeding or administrative proceeding. 

Purchaser will still be responsible for any costs outside of their plan and any costs not associated with the cost of an attorney.  For example, court costs and fees are not covered by The DUI Warranty.

The DUI Warranty is NOT an insurance plan.   It is a warranty providing the purchaser with an attorney in the event of a covered DUI arrest.

Option 2 LLC is responsible for providing a qualified attorney, as selected by Option 2.  The purchaser does not choose the attorney.  The attorney is selected by Option 2.

The DUI Warranty covers a DUI arrest/case only.  It does not cover any additional charges.  For example, if Purchaser is arrested for DUI, and the cop finds cocaine in your car, the warranty does not cover an attorney for the CDS charge, or if Purchaser is involved in a motor vehicle accident and someone is killed, the warranty does not provide an attorney for the homicide charge.

The attorney will be appointed and provided at or before arraignment court date.  The attorney will not be expected to come to the jail or the scene of the arrest.