P.O. Box 59 OKC 73101
P.O. Box 59 OKC 73101
Get a qualified DUI attorney for the cost of your next round with The DUI Warranty from Option 2, LLC!

Will you need a DUI attorney after tonight?  You never know.  You’ve just had a little to drink, you think you’re okay to drive tonight.  But what if you’re wrong??

With The DUI Warranty, you answer a few questions to select the plan that is right for you, with plans starting as low as $20, purchase your DUI protection plan, and if you get arrested for DUI during the covered period – The DUI Warranty will provide you with a qualified DUI attorney for FREE!

Hiring an experienced attorney to represent you after a DUI arrest can easily cost $5,000-$10,000, especially if you decide to have a jury trial.  Protect yourself from this expense by adding DUI protection right now!

Getting ready to go out with friends?

Everyone deserves to have a safe fun time!

The staff at DUI Warranty has prepared this sleek handy dandy little checklist we have prepared for you!

  1. Shower
  2. Those jeans that look so good on you!
  3. That cool trendy shirt that you just couldn’t leave the mall without buying!
  4. What about those best looking flip flops? shoes? sandals?
  5. Eat something delicious! You work hard! Enjoy your food!
  6. Make sure you purchased a DUI warranty before you go out – It’s good for 24 hours! 
  7. Drive safely to your destination.
  8. Have a great time!